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Take a closer look at our aluminum and plastic profiles, glass balcony systems, accessories and hardware range.

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Our company, which produces solutions for aluminum profile-accessories and PVC profile-accessories, started its operations in 2016. Our company, which has been catching up with the times since its establishment, continues to progress rapidly by renewing itself. Our company, as the pride of Turkey, has taken its place in the world market today.




Giant services in Aluminum and Plastic industry

As Nokta Aluminum, we have been serving our valued customers since 2005. We continue to grow confidently in the sector with aluminum, PVC, glass balconies and all accessory groups.
We feel the pulse of the sector with our service mentality that always prioritizes customer satisfaction, product quality, and expert staff. We will continue to create employment for our country and our province Samsun with the upcoming overseas exports.

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